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AI Platform
An enterprise-tailored AI platform
based on RAG and sLLM technology.
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Data Intelligence
Technology for the betterment of the world.
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S2W's Technology Integration

S2W proposes creative solutions through the convergence of technologies. We build accurate and secure data operation systems using AI and security intelligence in handling big data. In recognition of S2W's technology, it was selected as one of the top 100 technology leaders by the World Economic Forum.


Enterprise-tailored AI Platform
SAIP is a customized AI platform that trains big data by combining sLLM and RAG. It gathers both structured and unstructured data existing within an organization, trains the system, and generates the most appropriate answers to user questions. It provides accurate results using only real data.


Comprehensive CTI Platform
QUAXAR is an AI based cyber threat intelligence platform. QUAXAR monitors the dark web and Telegram, detecting leaks of account information, corporate data, etc., and helps in preparing countermeasures by providing intelligence on threats exploiting brands.
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Cybercrime Intelligence Platform
XARVIS is a cybercrime intelligence platform. It collects data from the dark web and Telegram, providing intelligence in a form that users can utilize as needed. It allows users to search for other data related to specific information, infer relationships between information, or trace its source.
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Cryptocurrency analysis
EYEZ is a virtual asset-related threat response solution. It manages information related to virtual asset addresses and provides ledger tracking features, focusing especially on Bitcoin, which is preferred by cybercriminals.

Incident Response

Incident response is a service that provides urgent response from threat response experts when a security incident or attack occurs.
It helps minimize damage and recovery time from threats and assists in proactively responding to similar incidents in the future.

Analyst On Demand

Analyst On Demand is a short-term service provided to companies in need of assistance from intelligence analysis experts.
S2W's AOD offers various threat data analysis services, including malware analysis, vulnerability analysis, and brand threat element analysis. Receive the knowledge and insights of security analysis experts.

What’s new at S2W?

The 3rd <WITH> Webinar: AI Technology and Language Model (DarkBERT)
The 3rd Webinar consists of sessions on 1) Keynote 2) Data Insights 3)Technical Information. It is an official opportunity to meet the AI team that developed S2W's viral dark web AI language model 'DarkBERT'. Through this, you can gain insight as a powerful data intelligence company on how cyber security integrated with artificial intelligence can solve problems.


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